Research & Development

Neonatal white matter injury (WMI) is the leading cause of neurodevelopmental disability in survivors of preterm birth. Neurodevelopmental disability includes motor, cognitive and sensory deficits. There are currently no treatment options available.

TT-20 was identified in human maternal breast milk and promotes myelin production through targeting of postnatal neural stem cell populations. In a mouse model of neonatal WMI, TT-20 promoted myelination and reversed motor deficits.

TT-20 for WMI in preterm infants is currently in late-stage pre-clinical development. In Q2 2022, Tellus received positive FDA feedback through a Pre-IND meeting for development of TT-20 for WMI. Currently, Tellus is focused on completing IND enabling studies for TT-20.

Tellus Therapeutics is in the early stages of developing its pipeline program, where additional compounds will be identified for development towards indications in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).